We lead the way to sustainability through the power of paper

We lead the way to sustainability through the power of paper

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We encourage the introduction of plastic free paper-based solutions and recyclable solutions through our sustainable portfolio and services.

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The raw material used in our production process comes from consciously treated forests  FSCⓇ, our energy is renewably sourced, and all of the process residues are forwarded to recycling centers.

In addition to the above, our post-consumer recycling program, Ciclobom, is responsible for linking the industries with the aim of closing the loop of our product life, through its recycling and reuse in new materials.

Grupo BO
Inversiones BO is one of the largest economic groups in Latin America and operates in five different areas.

Packaging manufacturing


Printing paper manufacturing


Fruit growing and export


Float glass manufacturing


Real estate and construction

BO Packaging belongs to the packaging manufacturing business, a division with facilities in Chile, Brazil, and Peru. In our factories, we work with the latest technologies to produce flexible and cardboard packages, along with paper cups and lids.
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How do our packages help in your company development?
Through efficiency, quickness and quality.
We are always open to invite new talents in a wide range of areas, as well:

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